Now it’s safe to say that politics are a mess at the minute, and it will get worst in the run up to the election and we are probably DOOMED no matter the outcome because of the state of everything.

The big issues at the moment appear to be Brexit which I personally don’t really want but I can respect a true peoples vote that is based on the facts are and what Brexit is and the deal or no deal involved but my main driving force for voting (which I have never done) is one big main issue of mine and I believe there is a lack of talk about is the NHS.

I believe that the NHS is one of the most important and best things about our country and the pressure due to underfunding is going to take its final toll in the next few years (during the time of the winners of this election are in office). I think people don’t fully apricate what we have, yes they give support and praise for the good staff working with the NHS but people take for granted the fact that is when you need medical attention then you shall get free of charge most of the time.

This is where my biggest worry comes in and that is under Conservatives rule the NHS will be privatised and in the long run you will have to pay fort the basic service (which you do currently under National Insurance).

But if the Americans get there hands on our beloved service then we will have to pay twice for one being National Insurance (which will go straight into their pockets like all private companies who get subsided by the tax payer) and then you will have to pay for our own private health insurance which if we can’t afford means no medical treatment and if you think this a extreme view then all you have to do is look how their health system is run.





Vote Tactical

save nhs

To help with preventing the NHS privatisation I would like to think about using your vote tactically to help maximize that it remains in the public domain,

So please use the following link to find out which is the best party to vote for in your area.




·         They are the party for the many

·         They will not allow the NHS to be privatised

·         Jeremy Corbin may not be the best leader but is safer option for the people that then alternatives

·         A second vote on Brexit for the people to decide



·         Cannot be trusted

·         Boris Johnson puts the CON in Conservative

·         Will destroy the country with his self-serving Brexit antics

·         Will at some point sell out the NHS

·         Serves only the rich and not the common people 

·         Backed by corrupt Russian money

·         Bribery of Brexit party members



·         Not realistic with what they will achieve in the election

·         Willing to cancel Brexit with out a vote from the people

·         More ego running the party then sense

·         No real chance of making a difference


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